Actor Ji Chang Wook Allegedly Caught Smoking Indoors During Rehearsal

“I had someone blow smoke in my face on the street, so just the talk of cigarettes piss me off right now. Besides, isn’t it impolite to do that during a rehearsal? Why isn’t anyone saying anything?”
“From the moment he posted a selfie of him smoking on Instagram, I knew it.”
“Agreed. That was a huge turn-off.”
“With so many people sitting so close to him?!”
| theqoo
“It looks like this kind of behavior is normal. How many of them have been caught so far exactly?”
“Since it’s the male lead smoking indoors, there’s no one to say anything LOL. I always thought Ji Chang Wook had a too-good-to-be-true reputation, so this isn’t even surprising to me.”
“It seems like, in their world, smoking e-cigs indoors is so common that it’s become normalized. Even though the other actors were right in front of him! I guess he smoked inside because if he were caught smoking outside, that would bring down his image even more.”
“Isn’t that his place of work? He’s behaving like that while working?”
“It’s as if an office worker were to smoke during a meeting, LOL. It’s a bigger deal than “Oh, he’s smoking indoors,” IMO.”

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